Windsor Central School District Transportation Department

206 Main Street Windsor, N.Y. 13865
Phone: (607) 655-8241
Fax: (607) 655-3705


Private and Parochial School Transportation
All requests for transportation to private and parochial schools must be made in writing prior to April 1 of the previous year. Requests should be submitted to:

Mr. Chris Durdon
Windsor Central School District
206 Main Street
Windsor, New York 13865

Required information includes the student’s name, grade, address, telephone number, date of birth, and name and address of the school which transportation is required.

Where is the bus stop?
During the school year we often receive phone calls from parents/guardians regarding the fact that their student(s) had missed the bus. There is a variety of reasons that usually follow this call such as “the bus didn’t stop,” “the bus didn’t even slow down,” “my student was waiting in the house because it was cold outside, raining or snowing.” All students that are transported by our district buses are advised through our three (3) mandated bus drills that their bus stop is located approximately fifteen (15) feet from the end of their driveway, sidewalk or doorway. Students should be waiting for the bus to arrive OUTSIDE so that they are visible for regular and especially substitute drivers to see them. All routes are consistent with their times by +/- five minutes. Be considerate of others on your bus route and be prepared to board the bus when it arrives at your bus stop.

The Transportation Department presents a “Bus Safety” program at the beginning of the school year that addresses where to wait for the bus, how to properly cross the road when loading or unloading, and are given a visual of what the driver actually sees when students are crossing.

Once again all students should be waiting for the bus to arrive. Drivers are not allowed to blow their horn to summon children to the bus. The horn is to be used to signify a dangerous condition to students. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 655.8241.

Click on the schools below to see their bus routes and approximate pick-up times.

The School Bus Stop-Arm Safety Program

The School Bus Stop-Arm Safety Program is designed to reduce the number of violations and injuries caused by people who disregard the school bus stop arm; protecting our children as they board and leave the school bus and cross the road.

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