Our Mission

Ensure each learner is future-ready by providing empowering educational experiences.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a world-class community school that is the district of choice.
We Believe That:
  • Everyone can learn and grow at ambitious levels. 
  • Each day we strive to provide a healthy, safe and secure environment.
  • We pursue excellence and are mutually accountable.
  • High performance requires a culture of collaboration and empowerment.
  • We embrace inquiry, creativity and innovation to continuously improve.
  • We value and welcome diversity, treating all fairly and equitably.
  • All learners deserve opportunities to explore and pursue their preferred future.
  • Building and maintaining partnerships is essential
  • We act with integrity and treat all with compassion and respect.  

Our Goals

Goal 1.
Achieve 4-Year Graduation Rate of 92% and 5 Year Graduation Rate of 95% and Drop-Out Rate of <4%
Goal 2.
Achieve Student Performance on State Assessments to Rank in Top 2 Districts in B-T BOCES on Average for Proficiency and Top 3 Districts in B-T BOCES for Mastery on Average
Goal 3.
Achieve a Rate of At Least 80% of Students Meeting or Exceeding Nationally Normed End-of-Year Literacy Benchmark Expectations
Goal 4.
Achieve 95% Participation in School/Community Programs among Students in Grades UPK-12
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