Historical Preservation Group

A group of Windsor Central School District residents have joined together to preserve school district historical records, documents, and other artifacts. The ultimate goal of this project is to create a permanent historical exhibit about our district; which will be located at the Windsor High School. As the collection grows and becomes organized, displays will become available for class reunions and other community gatherings. If interested you can help by donating historical items, or by joining the preservation group.

To date, the group has accepted donations from many area residents, as well as donated items themselves. Donations included the following:
  • Stuart Nye donated two yearbooks and an assortment of class reunion pictures;
  • Brian Evans donated a 1966 and a 1967 WCSD yearbook and a Varsity jacket;
  • Gary and Bessie Johnson donated a 6-foot tall oak and glass case to use to display historical items;
  • Clyde Hathaway donated his class ring and diploma;
  • Sue Tribe donated a class picture;
  • The family of Emma Yager donated her class ring;
  • Esther Pierce donated Class of 1946 items, pictures of her father in the orchestra, and baseball pictures from the early 1900's;
  • Joan Edwards donated 1970-1975, and 1977-1978 yearbooks.
  • John Brenchley donated his Class ring, and fall term schedule for Windsor Central School District No. 1
Donations of school-related items to add to the collection are needed. Missing yearbooks include 1981, and 1983-1987; and Windsor Echo magazines No. 4, and No. 18. Also missing are Blue Devil items, school papers, documents, photographs, and any other records related to the history of our school district.

Community members interested in joining this effort are invited to call Amy Barton at 655-8216.

Anyone who would like to view the collection please make an appointment by calling 655-8216.
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