Welcome to the Windsor High School Library Webpage

Goals of the Library Media Program

Students will be able to access information efficiently and effectively.

Students will be able to evaluate this information completely for school, work, or personal use.

Students will understand the importance of accurate and complete information for the maintenance and well-being of a democratic society.

Students will be exposed to a wide range of opinions and viewpoints whether it be in information, literature or other forms of expression.

Students will understand the importance of libraries as places of life-long learning, enlightenment and stimulation.

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High School Library Policies

Rules for Library Use
1. You must always arrive at the Library with a pass or with a scheduled class.
2. You must ask to leave the library for any reason (locker, lav, etc.)
3. No hats to be worn per Student Handbook.
4. No cell phones per Student Handbook.

Internet Access Policy
"Internet access from school district computers is reserved solely for educational purposes."

Circulation Policy
Students may check out up to three books for one month.
Magazines can be checked out overnight.
Reference can be checked out overnight.

And remember to return your books on time!

Meet the staff

Mrs. Harb is the clerk who comes in on the odd days, on even days she is at the Middle School. She can handle any requests for Interlibrary loans if we don't have the book you are seeking in our library. Her email address is [email protected]. Please do not hesitate to contact her if you have any questions or concerns about the high school library.
Use the links below to access our online resources from either school or home.  If you plan to use outside of school, check with the library for necessary passwords. 
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