Counseling Office

A Place Where People Listen!
School Counselors: Amy Giblin, Heather Noyd and Andrea White

Other Support Staff: Katelyn Lapan, Community Schools Social Worker
Dr. Magdalena Ostrowski-Hilton, School Psychologist
Madeleine Deloria-Mancini, Community Schools Coordinator
School Office Phone Number (607) 655-8248 
Students, are you having a problem with a peer? Are you concerned about a friend? DON'T be a bystander! complete the Windsor Rights Bully Prevention Form. The form is available in the Guidance Office and Main Office or your can print out the attached form and fill it out. Once the form is filled out hand it into the Main Office.
Registering New Students

Welcome to Windsor Central School District! Registration packets are available all year in either the Main Office or the Guidance Office. You will need to bring the following information for your child: Birth Certificate, Immunization Records, Court Documents pertaining to custody information, and emergency contact names and numbers. We will be glad to make copies of original documents for you. If you have any questions about the registration process call the Guidance Office at (607)655-8248 or the Main Office at (607)655-8247.
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