High School and Middle School Students Attend NYS CLSA Conference

Twenty-two High School Students and six Middle School students attended the NYS CLSA State Conference from November 20 - 22 in Ellenville, NY with their advisors Becky Barlow and Wendy Balachick. At this leadership conference, students particpated in workshops and roundtables and listened to keynote speakers Phil Boyte, Lamarr Womble, David Floyd and Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis. Julie Nemcek, Michael Beaudoin and Hunter Gorick were Student Board member from District 9 who planned the conference throughout the prior year and took part in its implementation. Julie Nemcek received a CLSA Student Recognition Award, which is accompanied by a $200 scholarship and Windsor High School again received an Honor Council designation for leadership developmnet and making a donation to this year's CLSA charity of choice, The Epilepsy Foundation. Larissa Balachick and McKenna Bunnell were elected as District 9 Student Board Members for the 2017 Conference and Becky Barlow will continue to serve on the Adult Board for the next year! 

High School Students
Julie Nemcek
Michael Beaudoin
Hunter Gorick
Adam James
Ashley Hull
Kara Saar
Marlaina Bartolillo
Kendyl Gorick
Julia Sitek
Miah Segrue
McKenna Bunnell
Madison Quick
Larissa Balachick
Maralee Bixby
Robert Bove
Angelo Sacco
Devin Truman
Casey Hull
Zach Adornato
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Segrue 
Mara Baldwin

Middle School Students
Ava Sacco
Darby Morgan
Chelsea Landers
Nathan Andrews
Caden Beriman
Dante Rooke

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