The next regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting will be held on Friday, August 18, 2017 in the High School.  The meeting will begin at 8:00 a.m.


Board of Education

The Windsor Central School District has a seven-member Board of Education. Members of the Board serve three-year terms without pay. The Board is responsible for conducting the business of the school district within the laws of the State and the regulations of the New York State Commissioner of Education. Administration of district schools is delegated by the Board of Education to the Superintendent of Schools.

Time is always provided at Board of Education meetings for residents to discuss or question items on the agenda and to bring to the attention of the Board any information they deem important. Public comments are heard at the beginning of and before the closing of each meeting. The Board of Education invites the public to attend board meetings and speak.
The Board's function is to establish policy. It welcomes the sentiments of the public to assist in the making of decisions in an equitable manner. If a resident has a question about the operation of the schools or about his/her youngster, he or she is encouraged to first contact the child's teacher or the principal who is closest to the situation, a Central Office administrator, the Superintendent of schools, then the Board of Education. Experience has shown that this is the best procedure to follow in that the resident will obtain directly the information he/she desires. The Board of Education provides opportunities at meetings for members of the public to address them on items of concern. Executive sessions are held immediately after each Board meeting to discuss legal matters and personnel.
2016-2017 Board Meeting Packet Information 

School Board Members






Peter Nowacki


205A Garrett Road
Windsor, NY 13865


Margo Kibbler
Vice President 

34 Quilty Hill Road
Kirwood, NY 13795 


Stephen Feehan


175 Garrett Road 
Windsor, NY 13865


Kevin Truman


50 Terrace Drive
Windsor, NY 13865 


Carin Shaffer 
140 Doolittle Road
Harpursville, NY 13787
Kathy Swezey
392 Trim Street
Kirwood, NY 13795
Rhea Deyo

 232 Treadwell Road       Windsor, NY 13865


Dr. Jason Andrews

BTSBA Legislative Representative
Peter Nowacki, Alternate - Stephen Feehn

Health Insurance Consortium

Kevin Truman, Alternate - All Members
Workers’ Compensation Alliance
Carin Shaffer, Alternate - All Members

Board Policy Review Committee
Kathy Swezey, Margo Kibbler

Building Inspection Committee
All Board Members
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