Summer Program Rundown: July 25

Summer Program summary July 25

Windsor Strong Academy:
Preparations continue for Thursday’s student presentations answering the question, “What makes a community strong?” Students have split into teams studying the effects of education, health, environment and other factors. Today students built slides for their presentations as well as went over the finer points of public speaking.

Tomorrow students will perform their dress rehearsals. Presentations will be Thursday from 11am to noon at the Binghamton University Downtown Center in Binghamton. Those presentations will also be streamed on the Windsor Central School District Facebook page.

Knight Lights:
Some students continued to create music with unconventional instruments while others made jewelry today. Others still practiced for their upcoming geocaching adventure. Younger students will go to Cole Park tomorrow while the older group will go Thursday. For more on geocaching and those trips click here.

Football camp:
Campers began today’s session watching a USA Football video on “Heads-Up tackling”, educating the young players on a safer tackling technique meant to protect against head injuries.

After the video the focus was on the fundamentals of the game: blocking, throwing and catching. Campers divided into three age groups and played 7-on-7 games at the end of today’s session.

“This was a lot of fun. These kids are really getting after it,” said varsity assistant coach Ben Amorese.

Field hockey camp:
Today’s session focused on fundamentals as well, including stick work, tackling and dodging. The purpose of the camp is to keep building on those fundamentals.

“We want them to get a sense of the game and how to move the ball upfield using your teammates,” said junior varsity coach Becky Adolf. “If we can get a group of girls who enjoy playing and stick with the sport we’re going to have an amazing team.”

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