Combat Veteran Speaks to Students about Keeping Communities Safe

He has kept his community safe from down the street and in a warzone halfway around the world. Today U.S. Army Warrant Officer Morgan Gorman spoke to Windsor Strong Academy students about how safety is an element to keeping a community strong.

Gorman is a member of the U.S. Army National Guard and works at the West End Armory in Binghamton. He was deployed downstate to help rescue people trapped by Superstorm Sandy. More recently he did the same for those stranded in Binghamton by the three feet of snow that fell in March.

“It’s really gratifying doing that kind of stuff,” said Gorman. “Overseas when we shoot at the enemy they go away. Mother nature doesn’t stop.”

Gorman has served two deployments overseas, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The scariest part of being deployed was driving down roads because of IEDs (improvised explosive devices). It’s nerve wracking driving down roads, knowing the enemy is trying to hurt or kill you,” said Gorman. “Me putting my life in danger over there makes your lives safer over here. That’s what I’d always say and that’s a risk I’m willing to assume.”

There are lessons he has learned during his time in uniform he thinks the students can apply to make their own communities safer.

“In the Army we say every officer is a safety officer. I think everyone in the community could to that, if you saw someone doing something unsafe you could say something about it,” said Gorman.

“I think he gave us a lot of valuable information. He talked about making connections, knowing your neighbor, meeting people. These can keep our community safe,” said Kylie Munson who is entering the 9th grade.

This group of students as well as others studying issues such as budget, environment, sports and health will present their findings on what makes a community strong Thursday, July 27 at the Binghamton University Downtown Center at 11am.

Warrant Officer Gorman speaking to students at conference table

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