Claymation Takes Shape in Fine Arts Camp

Some fine arts campers are going full-speed ahead with the stop-and-go Claymation process.

It is one of the media campers can choose to work on in art, along with drawing, painting and sculpting. But the Claymation campers are sculpting characters and slowly moving them, taking pictures along each step to eventually turn those pictures into a movie.

“I think it’s kind of cool how you can bring clay characters to life by just taking still frames,” said incoming 7th grader Emily Bentley. Her movie is about a penguin eating a fish.

“I think it is a good intro into planning, designing, creating and shooting,” said teacher Nikole Cappello. “I want to get them to think that every little movement has to be a shot.”

The process can be painstaking. The end result can be fun. Incoming 7th grader Brynn Andrews is working on a movie called Fish, Dog, Diamond. It’s a story about a fish that ate a diamond, and a dog that ate that fish. The dog’s owner has to decide if and how he wants to get the diamond from inside his dog.

“I don’t know, I have crazy ideas,” said Andrews.

An idea brought to life one step at a time.

Picture of clay sculptures

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