Mixing it Up

Team trivia and new friends were on the menu during Mix-It-Up lunch at Weeks Elementary School on Tuesday. Both Weeks and Bell Elementary schools celebrated the anti-bullying event by grouping students with those they otherwise wouldn’t socialize with during lunch.
“Research shows that the more you know someone, the less likely you are to bully them,” said Weeks principal Kristin Beriman. 
A group of elementary school students sitting at a lunch table 
Students at Weeks not only shared a meal with some new faces, but they also had to work together to compete in a team trivia contest. Groups of third, fourth and fifth graders competed against each other to answer questions such as: what is the name of Shrek’s wife (Fiona), what is the largest planet in the Solar System (Jupiter) and what is a group of unicorns called (a blessing). 
“We put this together because some people have no idea who some others are,” said Weeks Student Council president Addyson Guarino.
Bell Elementary held its Mix-It-Up event during recess. Teachers encouraged students to play with someone new by asking them to find someone with the same color bracelet to talk and play with.
12 elementary school students holding up their arms to show bracelets 
“We celebrated this day to encourage all of our students to promote social inclusion, meet new friends, and be empathetic to those who need a friend.  It was wonderful to see our students connecting in a new way and we all had a lot of fun,” said Bell Elementary counselor Lori Fisher. 
While the theme of anti-bullying is continuously stressed in each District building, schools host specific events throughout the year. Weeks will hold an anti-bullying walk on November 16.  

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