Superhero Breakfast at Palmer

Even superheroes need breakfast.

Palmer Elementary hosted a “Who’s Your Superhero” breakfast Monday morning, inviting students to bring a male “superhero” in their lives to school, whether that person is their father, grandfather, or any other man of significance.

Students and their guests enjoyed food, made superhero masks, applied superhero tattoos, and posed for superhero photos.

boy, girl and man holding masks over their faces 

“I loved it,” said Kyle Clapper, whose daughter, Aubrey, attends kindergarten. “Seeing her laugh and smile with her friends, I don’t normally get to see that. I’m at work.”

 “It was fun making daddy’s mask,” said Aubrey.

The breakfast came on the first school day after Father’s Day.

“It was fun that I got to make him a mask and give him a superhero tattoo,” said 4th grader Maddie Pessarchick.

“It was definitely a good thing for the school to do – to have dads come in and see the kids when the don’t usually have the chance,” said Maddie’s father, Drew Pessarchick.

Two girls and a man sitting at a table 

After the festivities, the men had the chance to walk their students to class.

“To see the fathers, grandfathers, and other men of significance in our children’s lives leave with smiles on their faces made it all worth it,” said Palmer Elementary principal Toby Youngs. 

In May, the school hosted a “Queen for a Day” event the Friday before Mother’s Day. That breakfast allowed students to pamper their mothers and/or other women of significance in their lives. Youngs said both events will continue next year.

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