Welcome Back

Wednesday marked the start of a new school year for students in the Windsor Central School District. And, it felt – new.

“It’s very different from last year. We have lockers, we’re in school with everybody, and we can talk to everyone without yelling. It feels normal,” said 8th grader Gia Sacco.
Also normal is the tradition of welcoming students to new buildings. Jack Wharton and Sophia Snowball won t-shirts for their efforts in the 6th grade orientation scavenger hunt. At Weeks Elementary, The Black Knight mascot greeted students.

“There’s been an infectious energy in the building today. We’re excited to be here, and excited to have the students back,” said 5th grade teacher Lindsey Hendricks.

“I’m excited to learn new things and grow with the new students in our classroom,” said Weeks 5th grader Ilia Bronson.
“To see the smiles on the students’ faces, I got just as excited as I was when I was a student on the first day of school,” said Weeks Elementary principal Kristin Beriman.

Some students realized moving up a grade can mean an increased workload.

“It’s fourth-grade crazy. Fourth grade is practically crazy. There’s a lot of things on that board,” said Palmer 4th grader Briana Soriano.
For others, the first day of the school year was the first day of school, period. UPK students and their families took part in orientation.

“I’m excited,” said Bell Elementary UPK student Roland Aldrich.
“It’s absolutely amazing to have all of the kids back. Everything falls into place when they show up,” said Bell Elementary principal Lorrie Hulbert.

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