Up With Life at Windsor Central Middle School

It might be the most important day on the Windsor Central Middle School calendar, even though there are no classes, tests, or field trips

Up With Life Day returned to the middle school on Thursday. It featured 21 workshops ranging in fields from life skills to health to career to athletics.
“Not all learning takes place in the classroom,” said WCMS principal Kevin Strahley.  “We’re offering a wide range empowering educational opportunities for all students to have a positive impact today and in the future.”

WCMS graduates and current college athletes Larissa Balachick, McKenna Corbin, Kendyl Gorick, Paige Rauch, and Brady Weingartner held a workshop on what life is like as a college student-athlete.

“It’s a lot of work. It’s a busy schedule. Academics always come first. We have Division 1, 2, and 3 represented here. Students can see what a perfect fit for them would be and what the differences are in each level,” said Balachick.  

“I learned that you have to work hard and try your best. There’s a practice every single day,” said sixth grader Zoey McKee.

A taste-testing workstation allowed students to learn cooking skills and how to prepare a nutrient-dense breakfast or snack by making an omelete.

“It’s pretty fun. I’m learning how to make omelete,” said student Adam Good.

“It’s not really an omelete,” said student Anthony Cardinale, pointing at the skillet.

“Scrambled eggs, then,” said Good.
“When I asked if everybody made this, they said no. It’s about telling them something that they can do at home and show them the ingredients so they can customize it at home. Simple ingredients. We didn’t use anything complicated today,” said Julie Raway, a registered dietitian with Broome Tioga BOCES Food Services.

While some students created with food, others used their imaginations, such as those who took the improv workshop.

“I like theater,” said 8th grader Kaelynn Dailey. “He’s teaching us how to ‘yes’ and how to build up to a scene and not go off the rails.”

The pandemic knocked Up With Life Day off the schedule the past two school years. Thursday marked the events successful return.

“We want our students to be open to new things and learn and grow from this amazing day,” said Mr. Strahley.

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