Bingo to Fight Bullying

C.R. Weeks Elementary students reviewed important lessons outside of the classroom Friday at a bus safety and anti-bullying assembly.

Students reviewed the school’s safe bus rules: using an indoor voice, staying in your seat, keeping your hands to yourself and being kind to others. After that review the bus drivers at the assembly came to the stage to receive a round of applause from the students.

There would soon be another reason to applaud. Teachers acted out the skit, “Mean Jean”, in which a shy girl reaches out to a bully at recess and they soon learn to play together.

“We want to create a culture of respect and it wasn’t just lecturing to the kids,” said school counselor Liz Sharkan. “All kids can relate to recess, and I think they like seeing their teachers up there (on stage).”

Four young children sitting in an auditorium looking forward

Later in the day all students took part in a Mix-It-Up Lunch. This event puts students who otherwise might not sit together at the same table. Once there, the students played bingo as a way to interact with each other.

“It wasn’t even about the game. It was about people meeting other people. We just wanted to pick a game they would enjoy,” said Weeks Student Council President Lizzie Hopkins. The Student Council organized the lunch.

This marks the second year Weeks Elementary has held the anti-bullying event.
“I already see kids on the playground playing with each other, 3rd graders with 5th graders,” said teacher Mike Trapani.

“People I’ve never seen talk to each other started to talk and warm up to each other,” said Hopkins.

Students heard one last bit of advice before lunch ended.

“Take a chance to meet someone you don’t know,” C.R.Weeks Principal Kristin Beriman.

And why is that good advice?

“Because one good friend could change your life,” said Hopkins.

One boy with a bingo dabber standing while three others are seated at a lunch table

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