Back-to-School Picnic at Palmer Elementary

“It’s a picture-perfect picnic day,” said AF Palmer Elementary School Principal Jamie Bernard.

The phrase might be a bit of a tongue twister but It’s an apt description of the 10th-annual Back-to-School Picnic at Palmer Elementary. The event saw parents and grandparents enjoy lunch with their loved ones on the grass behind the school.

“It’s awesome,” said 5th grader Hannah Wright.

“I love it here. It’s really good to be back,” said 2nd grader Keith Kennedy.

The event has proven popular with families over the past decade, with 80 to 92 percent of families attending each year.

“It’s a great way to start the year. It networks families with families. It networks teachers with families as well,” said Bernard.

“It’s awesome. You get to be part of their school day a little bit, interact and see who their friends are,” said Cacy Kennedy, Keith’s mother.

“It’s great. I love surprising them. I enjoy being able to do this for them, sit with them a bit,” said Keith’s grandmother Donna Vanatta.

And, yes, the weather helped as well.

“This is better than last year when we had to go to the gym,” said 5th grader Nora Drexler.

The picnic was part of a full afternoon for the students. After lunch students saw a presentation by the Catskill Puppet Theater called, “The Town that Fought Hate.” This performance helped students prepare for Monday’s anti-bullying event where each student will sign a pledge to prevent bullying.

Four girls and one adult sitting in the field for a picnic smiling at the camera

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