3rd Grade Science & Engineering Expo

From fossils that are hundreds of millions of years old to state-of-the-art robots, students displayed a wide range of scientific projects at the first 3rd Grade Science and Engineering Expo. The event, which featured projects from all 3rd-grade classes in the District, was held June 5 at Windsor Central High School. 

“What a great opportunity for our Windsor third graders to authentically practice communicating and being leaders.  In addition to enjoying these roles and tasks, students demonstrated their ability to code at the Dash-and-Dot Station as well as use technology to locate treasures at our Technology Outdoor Adventure Station,” said Elementary Science Teacher Deb Kalivoda.
Boy behind a table with an adult and girl on the other side of the table 

The 3rd graders got to play the role of teacher, informing parents and guests about their display, and instructing them on how to interact with it. Guests selected and classified fossils at one station, while adding pennies to a paper bridge to see which design holds the most at another. 

So did the students like playing the role of teacher?

“Yeah, it’s fun,” said Palmer Elementary 3rd grader Gabby Hans.

“It’s fun except when people make you write the answers,” said Bell Elementary 3rd grader Sabian Honnick.
A boy at a table pointing 

About 115 people took part in the event. Some students didn’t wait for guests to come to them. 3rd grader Ethan Stone walked around with an owl pellet, teaching people how to dissect it. 

“Parents were smiling and seemed to enjoy some of the hands-on tasks and observing their child ‘work’.  Overall, it was a great night,” said Kalivoda.

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