Help Wanted

Some Windsor Central High School students getting a jump start on their careers by helping others get a head start on their academics.
Members of the WCHS Introduction to Education class are tutoring Windsor freshmen as part of the H2O, or Help to Others, program.

“This gives students looking into a career in education an opportunity to see if it’s something they really like. Do they like working with students?” said Introduction to Education teacher Heather Herringshaw.
WCHS senior Kaitlyn Jones has worked with freshman Brooke Brundege on algebra and science.

“I like the experience, especially with me struggling to decide which grade I want to teach. I love working with her, and if I got a chance to work with kids, that would be great,” said Jones.

Younger students get to know the older students and learn new academic strategies to help them be more successful.

“It’s fun. I get a lot of stuff done. She’s breaking it down for me,” said Brundege.

“I think it’s great. We have a lot of fun,” said freshman Ella Bowles, who works with senior Brynn Andrews.

“It really helps create a personal relationship with a student and getting to know people you normally wouldn’t talk to,” said Andrews.
Getting to know the younger students also means learning the best ways to help them learn.

“It’s an opportunity for students to work on a smaller level to practice basic teaching skills, develop relationships with students, and learn why students might not succeed and need extra help. They can develop different strategies with different students to help them become successful,” said Herringshaw.

Those younger students do become successful, thanks to their H2O peers.

“Once they get the concept, they get it. Sometimes the student doesn’t truly get it and gets nervous because they see me as an older person, but once they get the concept and they can replicate it, it’s a really gratifying feeling,” said senior Jonathan Fleming.

“It’s a really cool thing to see when a student gets it,” said Andrews.

“The students who are participating in this love it. They get excited when they feel like they’ve helped someone or see a student complete an assignment they’re having difficulty with,” said Herringshaw.

A big reason why is because the H2O tutors aren’t that far removed from being struggling freshmen themselves.

“It brings you back to 9th grade,” said Jones. “It brings back a lot of memories.”

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