Cream of the Crop

Windsor 8th grader Claire Griffin spoke Tuesday in front of some of the most influential people in agriculture in the nation. But Griffin wasn’t there to talk policy. Instead, poetry.
Griffin won the "Still Growing Poetry Contest” and earned an invitation to the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) Conference in Saratoga Springs. Griffin’s poem, “Still Growing”, beat out all other submissions my middle school students in New York State to earn top honors.

“I was very shocked. It took me a while to comprehend the fact that I won. After I wasn’t in shock anymore, I was very excited. Everyone I told was very excited as well,” said Griffin.

Griffin’s poem is about the intersection of technology, teamwork and farming.

“My grandparents have a small farm and I helped them growing up. I definitely know what I’m doing. It’s not a major interest of mine, but I find it fascinating,” said Griffin.

Griffin enjoys reading and writing, but is more interested in math and science, and would like to pursue a career in space and astrophysics.
Griffin enjoyed her time at the conference and had one takeaway that seemed appropriate for an agriculture event.

“The food was very good,” said Griffin.

You can read Griffin’s poem below.
Still Growing   
By Claire Griffin               
Growing is a very unique word. It has a wide array of meanings.
From growing crops to even growing feelings.  
Or maybe it's technology that has grown so much.  
Our everyday lives changed, with a digital touch.  
Maybe it means growing as a team.  
Making people smile, making people beam.
Lifting each other up when they feel down.  
And hoping that you never see them frown.
With growing having so many meanings,
 It’s hard to choose just one.
But if we think hard enough,
 I guarantee it can be done.
Growing crops is what first comes to mind,
from corn to pumpkins they are all one of a kind.  
Think of the peppers, the potatoes, the turnips all planted on a hill -
All which to plant took so much skill.  
Feeling the joy of harvesting the crops,
All of the happiness, it never stops.
Don't forget about technology which has changed us so much.
From cell phones to computers, all of which packed a punch.  
They help us in our everyday lives, guiding us through the hour;
making us feel like we have this unimaginable power.
They have helped the world in so many different ways;
 and they still will for the rest of our days.
Growing technology is no easy feat,
And let's face it, it's not very easy to beat.
But yet we have done it day by day,
step by step, play by play.   
And last but not least, which is so cliché,
A growing team leads the way.  
A growing team is such an inspiration,
Just look at the team in the White House, leading the nation.
A growing team can do so much,
All problems they have solved are held in their clutch.
With all the different meanings it's easy to get lost,
searching for the right one, it's sure to exhaust.  
But I think one thing has been made very clear;
something that is still growing, can take years and years.

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