Help on the Shelf

Elementary engineering teacher Eileen Mulcahy-LaChance is used to solving problems. But there was one dilemma she needed an answer for – ASAP.

“My elementary robotics materials are extensive, and I had no way to organize the battery chargers, controllers, and controller chargers in my small Palmer classroom,” said Mrs. Mulcahy-LaChance.

She didn’t have to go far for a solution.
“I emailed a picture about this problem to Mr. Dewey's students. A few students bit and came over to interview me, assess the problem and constraints and then got to work engineering a solution,” said Mrs. Mulcahy-LaChance.

Students in Jason Dewey’s Engineering Enrichment class jumped at the chance, measuring, building, and testing the shelving unit that eventually made its way into Mrs. Mulcahy-LaChance’s room.

“One of the things we did was look at the problem, look at the space, and custom built it. All these guys went up and planned how to best do it. We showed her the plan and started building,” said Mr. Dewey.

“We went up to her room and measured everything to see what we needed to build,” said 8th grader Mason Colgan. “In building trades I’ve made a napkin holder. This year I made a tool caddy. The shelf is the biggest project I’ve worked on.”

“I’m glad that it turned out the way we meant it to. At first it seemed pretty complicated, but it turned out to be pretty easy,” said 8th grader Madalyn Pessarchick.
It’s also easy on the eyes.

“The results are phenomenal - I have a beautiful new vertical organizer,” said Mrs. Mulcahy-LaChance.

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