Windsor CSD Schools In Session Remotely Until the End of the Academic Year
Due to an order by New York State, Windsor CSD schools will be in session remotely until the end of the academic year. For the latest updates on the district's response to the Coronavirus pandemic, including guidance from the NYS Education Department on changes to  Regents and graduation requirements, please click HERE.

 Welcome to the High School Counseling Office 

We Are Here To Help
The school counselor will play an integral role in the planning of each student’s high school program. Every student will be assigned a counselor for the duration of their high school years. Counselors will be available by appointment to discuss class schedules, career options, college plans and personal issues as needed.

The counseling office has many resources available to students and their parents to assist them in planning for their future. Through the Career Pathways curriculum, the ninth and tenth grade students learn how to access and utilize the resources housed in our Career Center. Students learn how to research information on specific careers, which colleges have the best programs to lead them on that career path, and the requirements to be accepted to these schools.
Counseling Staff 
 Ami Wiswell 10th-12th Grade A-H
 Christina Taylor 10th - 12th Grade    L-Z
 Dimitra Modlo 9th Grade A-Z
JoAnn Barton- Secretary  (607) 655-8237
Leslie Niento, Student Assistance Counselor 
Heather Noyd- Career Counselor 
Jennifer Jackson- Family & Children Counselor 
Mackenzie Faughnan- Social Worker