One-Hour Delay
Windsor CSD schools are operating on a one-hour delay today, Wednesday, December 6th.

Entrance Procedure

Residents over the age of five years and under twenty-one years are entitled to attend Windsor Central Public Schools.

Children seeking admission to Kindergarten must reach age five on or before December 1 in order to be admitted to school the previous September.

Children seeking admission to the first grade should have successfully completed a full year of Kindergarten and must have reached age 6 on or before December 1 of that school year, with the following exceptions.

A minor shall be required to attend school from the first day that the appropriate public schools are in session in September of the school year in which the minor becomes six years old and shall be required to remain in attendance until the last day of session in the school year in which the minor becomes 16 years old.

  • A child who does not qualify on the basis of chronological age, but who has successfully completed a full year of Kindergarten, may be admitted to first grade if, on the basis of the results of a comprehensive evaluation administered by district personnel, the child is found to possess the readiness skills prerequisite for entrance into first grade.
  • During the spring of each year, a Kindergarten registration is conducted. Parents of pre-Kindergarten children are requested to register their youngsters at that time. An orientation program for all Kindergarten parents is held at the same time.
  • All children must be immunized against diphtheria, measles, German measles (rubella), poliomyelitis, mumps, and Hepatitis B. Proof of inoculations must be furnished. (The only exceptions, according to law are: written religious exemption and, in the case of measles and mumps, a medically documented history of the disease.)

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