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Knight Lights Students Prepare for Geocaching Adventure
Metal detectors and magnifying glasses are so 20th century. Windsor Knight Lights students are about to join the ranks of today’s treasure hunters using the latest technology to take part in geocaching.

Geocachers use GPS devices to search for objects, or “geocaches” hidden in an area. Knight Lights students are going to Cole Park July 26 and July 27 to use what they have learned about navigation, direction and GPS technology to find their own geocaches.

“They’re learning how to use satellites, latitude, longitude and GPS,” said Weeks Elementary School teacher Lindsey Hendricks. “It’s a life skill. It gives them a sense of adventure. It’s another tool in their toolbox.”

Students practiced today using GPS devices to find pieces of cork hidden in the fields behind Weeks Elementary School. They also learned about geocaching etiquette, such as bringing a pen to sign your geocaching username, and leaving no trace. This entails picking up any litter you find along the way.

“It’s awesome because you get to go out, explore, navigate the area. You can find items, trade stuff. It’s a challenge,” said incoming 6th grader Dominic Sodon.

“It’s not a waste of your time. You can take toys you don’t want and get ones you do,” said incoming 5th grader Thomas Llaguno about trading items found in a geocache box.

Knight Lights is for students entering grades K-5. Younger students will go to Cole Park on Wednesday, July 26. Older campers will go on Thursday, July 27.