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Show and Tell
It’s one thing to learn. It’s another to teach.

Windsor 4th graders led instruction at the second annual Science and Engineering Expo for 4th grade students and families.  Students taught family members the mysteries of science through hands-on activities.
Four young girls standing around a table 

“There’s a deeper understanding. When you have to know the material enough to respond to questions and anticipate how someone might misunderstand something and have misconceptions, it’s a higher level of learning,” said Project Lead the Way teacher Eileen Mulcahy. 

4th grader Victor Cower taught his parents about riverbank erosion by having them pour a liquid down a slope through sand.

“It is really weird because they’re usually teaching me. I’m really excited,” said Cower.

So were his parents.

“It’s pretty neat, actually. I like to have him explain it to me,” said Melissa Woodrow, Victor’s mother.

“It’s good having him explain it in his own words,” said Cody Young, Victor’s father.

“Science doesn’t do anyone any good unless we can communicate what we know. So, we’re working on our communication skills tonight to show what we know,” said Windsor CSD elementary science teacher Deb Kalivoda. 
Three young children standing behind a table with a group of people standing on the other side. 

4th grader Cassie Groome led a lesson on Newton’s Cradle, which shows the transfer of energy.

“It’s kind of like a grown-up experience,” said Groome. “I love science. It’s like an open door. You find one think and it leads to another.”

This event is part of Windsor CSD’s Future Ready Knights program, which provides students with seven career-exploration pathways. In third grade, students visit Binghamton University through a pen pal program with Binghamton University’s Panhellenic Council, which includes a number of sororities at the school.  

In 4th grade, students take on the role of teacher and facilitate science mystery stations in conjunction with our Science and Engineering for All approach. In 5th grade, all students visit the Broome-Tioga BOCES Career and Tech Education Center to learn more about the CTE program and potential careers.