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Road Win
70-year-old Sherry Jacobs had a problem. She needed to move from her apartment in Endwell to a senior living complex in Johnson City. That would be no easy task.

“I’m somewhat disabled. I’ve had surgeries and have a problem with my back and walking,” said Jacobs.

Thankfully, there were two people she knew she could call: Windsor Central High School Resource Officer Marc Ayres and his wife, Tracy. The pair met Sherry through their animal charity, Harper’s Haven Dog Rescue.

“I know Tracy and Marc through the rescue, and Tracy has helped me. I took one dog from her who needed some love before he died,” said Jacobs.

With Jacobs in need, Marc Ayres knew who he could turn to.

“I asked Christian if he could help out and he said, ‘Sure. I’ll get some of the guys, too.’” said Ayres.

Christian is WCHS student Christian Rogers. “Some of the guys” are his teammates on the football team. And that’s how Rogers, Taneli Crenshaw, and Matteo Soriano spent a Sunday moving Jacobs to her new home. Ayers' daughter, Emily, and 8th grader at Windsor Central Middle School was also part of the crew. They carried furniture and boxes from the apartment, and lifted a burden off of Jacobs’ shoulders.
“They got all of the heavy stuff, they put my bed together, got my TV set up. They were wonderful. They did all the stuff I couldn’t, and that was a lot,” said Jacobs.

“It was a really nice day. Me and Taneli and Matteo helped her out. There were a lot of jokes. It was a great environment. She was really happy when we got everything set up,” said Rogers.

That’s an understatement.

“They were a godsend. They were the most respectful and kind young men. I’m really proud to know there’s a generation like them. They were just what I want kids to be like,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs didn’t move alone. She took her new companion, a 21-pound beagle/coon hound mix named Bailey, another rescue from Harper’s Haven.

“This one is my little partner for life. My husband passed away, so I’m sticking with dogs from now on,” said Jacobs. “I’m doing all right now.”

Thanks, in part, to a little help from a trio of teens who spent their day off making a big difference.

“It was actually a really great way to spend a Sunday,” said Rogers.