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Superintendent's Conference Day
The day before students return to school, Windsor staff brushed up on some final lessons for the 2022-2023 school year at the district’s Superintendent’s Conference Day.

Dr. Luvelle Brown, Superintendent of the Ithaca City School District and acclaimed educator known for his experience in building and leading culturally responsive learning environments, addressed Windsor staff as the keynote speaker.
In his talk titled, “Cultivating Cultures of Love, Liberations, and Belonging,” Brown stressed the importance of building a climate that affirms and validates each student, knowing they represent different cultures, whether they be based around race, gender, class, or other factors.   

“Every educator must commit to knowing some things, doing some things, and being some things,” said Dr. Brown. “What will you know, do, and be? Know that this work is important. Know how to enhance student voice. Help young people know how to think. Not what to think, how to think. Implement academic standards with fidelity.”

“It’s a great tone to set as we start a new school year, ensuring our classrooms are responsive to the background and needs of all of our kids. We want to work to be sure that each of our students is seen, heard, and cared for,” said Dr. Jason Andrews, Superintendent of the Windsor Central School District.

The district also recognized staff members who have reached milestones of service.

FIVE YEARS: Brittany Briggs, Jason Christensen, Whitney Freije, Andy McMyne, Patricia Schuster, Shana Sienko, Megan Touhey, and Robert Villecco

TEN YEARS: Dr. Jason Hans, Kim Holewienko, Randi Silvernail, William Soule, Kevin Strahley, and Chris Wilkinson.

FIFTEEN YEARS: James Aldrich, Jennifer Bennett, Joel Bennett, Nikole Cappello, Jason Dewey, Trixie Donahue, Mary Felice, Barbara Hemedinger, Heather Horton, Justin Leonard, Meghan Leonard, Raymond Lindquist, Julia McKee, Greg McKeon, Stephani Palilonis, Holly Stonehouse, and Lauren Youngs.

TWENTY YEARS: Colleen Bartlow, Karri Kaminsky, Denise Lang, Tara MacNamee, Terry Reddon, Brian Smith (teacher), Debra Stanchak, Kristen Vaseleck, and Jessica Whiting.

TWENTY-FIVE YEARS: Gina Doolittle, Chris Durdon, Bill Hawk, Heather Herringshaw, Crystal Murphy, Marcella Rhodes, Sandra Smith, Barb Surek, and Mike Trapani.


Duane Harrison earned a Longevity Award for his 54 years of service to the district.
The district also recognized the following staff members for perfect attendance during the 2021-2022 school year: Sheri Abdullah, William Bailey, Nicholas Bendick, Frank Bowman, Justin Breward, Vito Bufalino, Jason Christensen, Laura Cicio, Grant Colwell, Heather Colwell, Renee Dickinson, Tiffany Dixon, Melinda Ferris, Michael Galusha, Jr., Yvonne Gow, William Hawk, Emalee Hyde, Raymond Kennerup, Mary Kenyon, Scott Kenyon, Colleen Krom, Stephen Mazikewich, Tina McCaffery, Katie Merry Williams, Stephen Miller, Corrine Mott, Nana Pietriyk, Rebecca Reed, Jeffrey Schultz, Ruth Seward, Sandra Smith, William Soule, Colleen Springsteen, Susan Springsteen, Kevin Strahley, Robert Villecco, and Karen Webb.

The district would also like to extend a special thank you to Visions Federal Credit Union for sponsoring lunch for staff during the Superintendent’s Conference Day.