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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs
Middle school is a time when students begin to think where they may go in life. In Windsor, those students got a little more help seeing where they are going in school.

Students in Mrs. Cappello’s art class and Mr. Dewey’s Technology Enrichment class designed, produced, and hung new hallway signs to help visitors and students alike to their destination.
“The signs we had up were from about three or four years ago for orientation and Curriculum Night. They needed an upgrade,” said Mrs. Cappello.

“It was a great collaborative effort,” said Mr. Dewey. “The old signs kept falling down. It was something we needed to upgrade, and we had the tool to make it happen.”

That tool is a Cricut, a kind of cutting machine. This allowed the students to make the adhesive vinyl signs. Last year, students used the Cricut to make t-shirts for dodgeball and volleyball tournaments. With the help of the middle school’s PATS organization, whose donations made the project possible, the students put the machine to a different use this year.

“We thought, ‘Why not utilize it to do some school-wide project?’” said Mrs. Cappello
8th grader Bryanna Snowball designed the signs for the World Languages classrooms. Before she knew it, Mr. Dewey hung them in the hallway.

“I was like, ‘I didn’t put that up. It looks good, though,’” said Snowball.