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Music to Their Ears
Vestal native and Berkley School of Music Professor Dr. Marek Poliks met virtually with the Windsor Central High School Sound Recording and Technology class. Dr. Poliks, who earned his PhD from Harvard, discussed his inspirations, methods, and unique path into the electronic music industry.  

That path included spending hours toying with music computer programs and learning to compose his own material. He explained the music classes available to him in high school weren’t, “endemic to the music that I listened to.”  
“I want to go into audio engineering and help produce music. To hear someone talk about what they do was really helpful,” said WCHS junior Valor Swezey.

“He explained to our students that music technology has now become an instrument of its own and that more and more colleges are seeing it as such. He was in awe at the facilities and experiences that Windsor students have offered to them and he believes that they are set up for success in this booming part of the music industry,” said WCHS music teacher Joel Carle.  

“This class helped introduce me to this (field) and gave me direction. Seeing career options and hearing what Marek does shows me I could actually do something with this type of degree,” said Swezey.

“His parting words to the group were to find something that you are passionate about and commit to it,” said Carle.