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Emerging Artists
Three art students from Windsor Central High School will have works in the Broome County High School Emerging Artist's Competition.

The Broome County Arts Council will display work from WCHS seniors Karissa Decosse and Giovanna Bucciarelli, as well as junior Tom Sorensen at its gallery in downtown Binghamton.  

Decosse and Bucciarelli each created work inspired by the theme, fear. For Decosse, her fear is claustrophobia.

“My piece is called, ‘Trapped’. I portrayed my fear by being trapped in a box,” said Decosse. “Other people think it’s good, but I don’t think it’s my best work.”

Bucciarelli has a fear of bees. She created a self-portrait with half of her face covered in honeycomb.
“It’s definitely going to be weird seeing something I drew (in a gallery). Everyone else’s is going to be great, then there’s going to be mine,” said Bucciarelli.

Bucciarelli might be modest, but the artwork is a powerful depiction of her fear.

“Yeah, I can’t even look at it,” said Bucciarelli.

Sorensen has two photographs in the competition, including one called, “New Personal Record”. That work is a silhouette of Sorenson’s face screaming while wearing swim goggles.
“I was struggling finding things to do during the Pandemic, so I took up photography,” said Sorensen. “It’s pretty surreal because (photography) is just a hobby, but it might be something I can do as more than a hobby in the future.”

There is a reception on Friday, March 5 at the Broome County Arts Council. Due to COVID restrictions, the event is not open to the public. However, each artist can bring two guests during a designated time period.