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Good Work
With her mobility becoming more limited, Duayaw Porter knew she’d need a ramp on her Binghamton home to more easily leave and enter her house, so she applied to the Broome County Council of Churches’ Ramp it Up program in July. She was expecting a long wait.

“At first I thought I’d be waiting, then I heard I’d be getting one,” said Porter.
On an unseasonably warm early-October day, Porter’s wait ended thanks to students from Windsor Central High School’s Principles of Engineering and Engineering Design and Development classes. The group is spending two days building a ramp to Porter’s home.

“It’s nice to be able to do something for others who aren’t as fortunate,” said WCHS senior Adam Peret.

“I enjoy helping people. If I see someone in need, I enjoy making their life easier,” said WCHS senior Jacob Sansom.

From design to digging to drilling, these engineering students are getting real-world experience.

“They’ve learned the theory behind it but haven’t manipulated materials and used tools to build to the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) standards,” said Ramp it Up Coordinator Bob Bundy.

“It shows us how other people go about solving problems and different ways to approach things,” said Peret.

This ramp will certainly solve a major problem for Porter.

“These stairs were killing me. Now, if I need to go for a walk or do whatever, I can just go. It’s perfect. I appreciate it,” said Porter. “I’m so happy.”

This ramp build is the 16th that WCHS students have participated in through the Ramp it Up program since 2012.