BC Stallions Visit Football Camp

The summer trend of notable alumni returning to the Windsor district to help teach the next generation of athletes continued at football camp Wednesday. Class of 2003 member and Owner/Head Coach of the Broome County Stallions Jeremy Polhamus came to camp along with some of his players to share tips with the campers.

“We like giving back to the community. It’s a lot of fun to come out here and play football. This is where football is pure,” said Polhamus. “Plus a lot of these Windsor kids are water boys at our games.”

The Stallions is a semi-pro football team playing in the Norhteastern Football Alliance. The team was established as the Oneonta City Stallions in 2009 before moving to Binghamton in 2016. Last season the team went 8-2 before losing in the playoffs.

“As soon as the kids see these guys in their jerseys they’re like, ‘Woah,’” said Windsor Head Coach Tim Hogan. “It’s great. We have all levels here: the Stallions, varsity, JV, modified. Our modified numbers are going up.”

Stallions players called plays in the practice huddle and worked with campers during drills.

“There’s one (Stallions) player in the huddle with the playsheet. Another is getting tackled by a 4th grader. They don’t have to be here doing this but they are. They’re giving back,” said Hogan.

“It’s pretty cool. Seeing (players from) a bigger league influences me to want to play better,” said Christian Rogers, who is going into 7th grade.

The Windsor football athletic camp ends Thursday, July 27. The Broome County Stallions play Saturday, July 29 at Alumni Field in Binghamton against the Five Lakes Hawks. Game time is 7pm.

Earlier this week Windsor graduate and Wagner College football coach Jason Houghtaling returned to address football campers. Earlier this month Windsor graduate and Davis College Basketball Coach Dan Rathmell stopped by basketball camp.

BC Stallions player in huddle with Windsor students

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