Robotics Week at Knight Lights

Today was day one of Robotics Week at Knight Lights, though many of the campers were no stranger to coding and programming.

The youngest campers are working with spheros, robots that can be controlled via an app that turns a device into a joystick. They are also working with robots they can program by pressing buttons to build a code which directs them where to go.

Six-year-old campers are using what are called toothbrush, or eco, bots and ozo bots, which are tiny robots. Students can program the ozo bots using color codes and color lines. They will try to make the ozo bots follow the spelling of their names.

The oldest campers, those going into 4th and 5th grades, are using Lego NXT robots. They are learning to program and design a robot arm that will have to perform a special task by the end of the week. The Windsor Central School District is working with Cornell Cooperative Extension’s 4-H Tech Wizards on this week’s robotics curriculum.

“We want (campers) to think spatially about making something move through space and how to do that,” said Tech Wizards teacher Kelly Adams. “We want them to know robots don’t know where to go unless you tell them.”

“I think it’s amazing. It’s a deeper level of thinking. You have to know how to do it before you do it,” said incoming 5th grader Lizzy Hopkins.

It’s thinking many of these students are familiar with, as they code and program during the school year as well.

“I think it was really fun. It’s very fascinating being able to program. We do a lot of programming and coding during the school year in the library,” said incoming 5th grader Myles Hunter.

But you don’t have to be an experienced coder to get a lot out of this week’s Knight Lights camp.

“We’re doing progressive challenges. No matter where they are, they’re doing well,” said Adams.

Girl looking at robot with teacher

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