5th Graders Say Goodbye to C.R. Weeks Elementary

C.R. Weeks Elementary said goodbye to a “fantastic” 5th-grade class at its Moving Up ceremony.

Before moving on to middle school each the 47 students took home at least two awards in the following categories: perfect attendance, Honor Council, Student Council, Safety Patrol, academic excellence and academic achievement.

In addition, Anna Finn and Kirk Franklyn Jr. earned special recognition for their efforts in physical education. Grace Deyo and Sophia Chen each won an award from the Elks Club. Grace Deyo and Gavin Tambeau won the NYS Attorney General’s Triple C Award for commitment, character and courage. Student Council President Sidney Crisanti won the State Comptroller’s Award, given to the student who has excelled academically and shown leadership potential by volunteering his or her time to serve the school or community.

“They are fantastic students. I couldn’t have asked for a better class to be my first 5th-grade class,” said first-year C.R. Weeks Elementary principal Kristin Beriman. “I’m going to miss them a lot. There is a lot of leadership skill in this class.”

The highlight of the morning was the fifth-grade video. Students thanked teachers, staff and parents for helping them get to this point.

“All the people who helped, my friends, my family, my teachers, that’s what I’ll remember,” said fifth grader David Nickerson.

Now it’s on to middle school for the Windsor Class of 2024.

“Elementary school doesn’t last forever. You have to move up and face new challenges,” said Sharone Soundararaj, who says he is most looking forward to making new friends in middle school.

What are other students looking forward to in middle school?

“The lockers. That way I can store stuff and not have to carry everything on my back,” said Nickerson.

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