Summer Program Rundown: August 10

Summer program summary, August 10:

Knight Lights

The older Knight Lights campers (ages 7-11) traveled to Winsor Acres Farm today, a day after the younger campers made the same trip. Groups of students rotated between tasting, touring and milking stations.

"We want them to get to know about agriculture. We want them to see the milking and the production is a process and it's a business," said teacher Mark Wentka.

You can read more about the younger campers' visit to the farm on Wednesday here.

Fine Arts:

Music tech campers added original work from a keyboard into their compositions which they have produced from Garage Band software.

Band continued its work practicing music with campers split into advanced (Black Knights Band), experienced (Gold Knights Band) and beginner (Beginning Band) groups. The beginner musicians are getting a mix of group and individualized instruction. The flute and brass groups are working with a teacher.

Improv campers created stories from index cards that contained four words each. They had to use those four words to create a story, developing conflict and learning how it's resolved.

Art campers continued to work in different media: painting, drawing and clay/sculpture. Some students decorated grocery bags which will be available at the Big M to fight hunger. People can donate $5 to fill those bags with food for a local family in need.

A number of campers also finished their claymation videos. You can watch them here.

Athletic camps:

Softball campers ended their week on a fun note. Outside they had water-balloon relay races. They finished the day in the high school pool with more water-based relay races.

"It was a lot of fun. I think this week they had fun and learned a lot of skills," said coach Becca Griswold.

Baseball campers continued to work on infield and outfield drills as well as hitting drills such as taking swings in the batting cage, off a tee and soft toss.

"We had a great turnout, about 50 kids. They were able to work on every aspect of the game. They got a lot of quality reps batting, in the infield, outfield and catching and throwing," said coach Mike Potenza. "Our high school (student) coaches did a great job. That's what made it successful."

Lacrosse campers had one final day of drills working on ground balls, passing and shooting. Many of the drills got harder as the week went along by making campers focus on using their opposite hand. Today's session ended with a 3-on-3 tournament.

"Monday was tough with the rain but other than that the weather has been great. The kids have been great and they've gone home tired so the parents have been happy," said coach Kyle Verspoor. 

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