5th Graders Move on to Middle School

With the sun shining over Klumpp Park and temperatures in the 80s you might think the dozens of children running around the basketball courts and baseball field were getting ready for summer, not fall.

But in all the fun and games these fifth graders from Weeks, Bell and Palmer elementary schools were preparing themselves to move to Windsor Middle School in September.

"I think the kids have a lot of nervousness and anxiety about going to the Middle School. So we put faces to the names they don't know yet," said Weeks Elementary counselor Liz Sharkan.

The day featured ice cream and icebreakers. One game had students step forward if they agreed with certain statements such as, "I like country music", "I've never been on an airplane", and "I'm nervous about going into sixth grade."

"This helps the kids branch out to students from other elementary schools," said Sharkan.

The point of the game was to have students meet others who feel the same way about certain topics and form a connection.

"It was fun meeting new people," said fifth grader Lailani Crea. "I feel a little less nervous than I did before."

Students from the Middle School helped run some of the activities

"It lets them know they have people they can trust in the Middle School and gives them people they know in the Middle School," said sixth grader Ashton Stone.

So did the fun and games work?

"I'm still nervous but not as nervous," said fifth grader Alexandra Brown.

"I'm not nervous anymore," said fifth grader Alexa Brown.


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