Girls Who Code

The Girls Who Code Club at Binghamton University is offering an 10-week program for high school-level girls in Broome County to learn computer science and programming languages.
"Tech jobs are among the fastest growing in the country, ?yet girls are being left  behind?. Our club strives to give young girls interested in STEM the support needed to  shape them into ?future CEOs? and ?strong women? in the workforce. In a matter of weeks,  these young women who have little to no experience in coding will learn various  programming languages, build web applications and projects that impact their  communities for better and join a sisterhood of supportive peers," said Girls Who Code club members Fiona Liang & Caitlin Hall.     
The 10-week program is ?completely free? and offered in ?beginner Python or beginner  Java languages?. Students will not only learn coding, but learn about other women in STEM, as well as have college mentors. The program will be held ?every Saturday ?from 10am-12pm? at Binghamton University campus. Students may coordinate their own  transportation to/from the university. There will be a pick-up/drop-off location in the  supervision of university officials as well as club staff to ensure the ?safety of the student?.     
The program will be starting ?February 8th ?and run until ?May 2nd? (excluding ?3/7, 4/4, ?& ?4/11?). Interested students can apply online at ? under the? ‘apply’ ?tab. Applications are open until ?January 17th.  For more information, click here
If you are interested in participating in this club but transportation is an issue please contact Windsor Community Schools Coordinator, Katelyn Lapan at ?607-201-6399? by  January 17?th?. You may be able to use weekly transportation from Windsor High School to the Binghamton University Campus. Additionally, Girls Who Code Club will be ??potentially? offering an ??at-home bus pickup service? ?every week to and from the program.

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