2nd Grade Science

2nd graders in the Windsor Central School District have dedicated science classes for the first time this year, and the kick-off lesson is one that is close to the hearts of many of the students – how do animals move?

Windsor CSD science teacher Deb Kalivoda is taking the lesson to the three elementary schools in the District. Students are learning the movement patterns of animals that have no legs, such as a snail, two legs, four legs, and insects with six and eight legs. 
Two young girls looking at a bug in a jar 

“We’re starting our animal adventure unit. They are learning about the biodiversity of animals,” said Kalivoda. 

They are also having some fun doing so. When learning the movements of six-legged insects like the beetle, groups of three students stood in a line and mimicked a beetle’s movement.

“We want them to be curious, ask questions, and make observations,” said Kalivoda.

Students also studied cockroaches in glass jars by using magnifying glasses.
Young girl with a magnifying glass looks at a bug in a jar 

“Look,” said 2nd grader Kendall Almy, tipping her jar upside down. “It won’t get hurt because it has a hard shell around it.”

Once 2nd graders finish this lesson, they will move on to learning how to  classify animals as either reptiles, mammals, or birds.  

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