Superintendent's Day Focuses on Academic Intervention

Superintendent’s Day may be a day off for students, but it’s also a day focused on their futures. On Thursday, teachers from Windsor and Owego spent a full day of professional development with Tim Brown of Solution Tree. Brown presentation was about response to intervention – strategies to help teachers provide the best academic support possible for students.

“We’re continuing to improve our practices. We want to get better at the craft of teaching and learning,” said Dr. Jason Andrews. Superintendent of the Windsor Central School District. 
Tim Brown in a room full of people 

Brown presented his strategy as a triangle. The first level represented what is happening in each teacher’s classroom, such as the core instruction and measures of assessment. The second level is how teacher teams use data to organize and respond to all students. The third level is providing an intense support system for those students who need it. 

“The data helps teachers identify what kids don’t know, and what we can do to help them,” said Brown. 

“if we’re intervening sooner with students, then we should see fewer and fewer interventions in that third level,” said Owego-Apalachin Superintendent Corey Green. “Earlier and more frequently is the goal.”
Joel Carle giving a thumbs up 

As has been the case in previous events, Windsor and Owego teachers went through this day of development together. As they heard Brown introduce new ideas, they also shared their own.

“When you have multiple perspectives, it gives us the opportunity to learn from each other. We can share what strategies have been effective in both districts,” said Dr. Andrews.

Dr. Andrews sees this topic as aligning with the District’s mission of ensuring each learner is future-ready by providing empowering educational experiences.

“We want teachers to ask themselves, ‘What level of understanding do I have when I’m in a classroom that is ensuring students are future-ready,’” said Dr. Andrews. 

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