Detective Day

Wednesday was not the day to walk into Mrs. Lang’s 5th Grade class without surgical slippers.
“You’re contaminating the crime scene,” exclaimed one student to a man in street shoes. 
blue surgical slippers on feet 
Mrs. Lang and fellow 5th Grade teacher Mrs. Van de Weert made Wednesday Detective Day in their classrooms. The students needed to use all of the skills they have learned in class to solve mysteries, such as the Case of the Disappearing Donuts, the Case of the Ecosystem Mix-Up and the Case of the Missing Clues.
“It’s all about student engagement,” said Mrs. Lang.
The students were engaged from the start, walking to their classroom in the morning over paper footprints on the floor and by caution tape on the walls.
“They were pumped. As soon as they walked up the stairs they knew there was something different,” said Mrs. Van de Weert. 
Girl sitting with a laptop 
Students put their math, reading and deduction skills to the test. They needed to read passages to make claims and find supporting details. They also had to use decimals and their knowledge of ecosystems to find clues.
“It’s pretty fun. It helps us with our learning,” said 5th grader Trey Swartwout. 
“I want to be a detective when I grow up. I just like finding clues and solving things,” said 5th grader Sophia Bagg.
For some, pretending to be a detective was nothing new.
“We always play on the bus. We have different mysteries to solve,” said 5th grader Emma Chambers. 
“These guys are very inquisitive. They want to know why a lot. So, why not make them detectives?” said Mrs. Van De Weert. 

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