Not Your Typical Summer School

Usually, students will be happy for snow days whenever they come. But, for WCHS junior Lily Zaharris, the timing of a recent school cancellation couldn’t have been better.

She was home for the delivery of that day’s mail. Among the pieces was a flyer from the Pratt Institute’s School of Art for its Pre College Summer Program. Had she been in school that day, the flyer would likely have been in the trash.
Drawing of a young woman 

“I wouldn’t have seen it,” said Zaharris.

But, she did, and took action. She applied for one of the 400+ open spots, submitting two drawings and writing a letter of intent.

“I used a metaphor about the process of drawing, writing about how drawing takes layers of sketching just like learning takes layers as well,” said Zaharris.

Pratt accepted Zaharris into the program. She doesn’t know which discipline she’ll study yet, though the aspiring graphic designer listed digital illustration as her top choice. She’ll live at the school’s Brooklyn campus from July 1-26.

“I’ve only been to New York City once, for the (junior class’) Hamilton trip. I’m looking forward to going back. It will be different staying there the whole time,” said Zaharris.
drawing of a young man 

The program will keep Zaharris busy. Classes are Monday through Friday, with studio space available in the afternoon for students to work on projects.

“I hope to improve. I’m excited for the different facilities and equipment. They’ll help with my portfolio for college and I get some college credit,” said Zaharris.

“It’s really exciting. Her skill set has gotten better and better during high school,” said art teacher Lisa Pilvelis. “She wants this. She’s really motivated.”

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