Standing Against Bullying

Bell Elementary held anti-bullying assemblies on Monday, kicking off a week of similar events in all Windsor Elementary schools this week.
Monday’s assembly at Bell included a video about how students can be an upstander and stand up to bullying. Tips include be a buddy, interrupting bullying, speaking out, and telling someone.

“One of five kids report being bullied. When they’re bullied, they are scared to go to school, and can’t do their best learning. Everyone has a right to be safe in school,” said Bell Elementary principal Lorrie Hulbert as she addressed the assembly.

“It’s not OK to bully because it hurts people on the inside and makes them feel unsafe, so you have to stop bullying,” said Bell Elementary student council member Veronica Coleman.

Staff and members of Bell Elementary’s student council also demonstrated the difference between bullying and conflict.

“Sometimes students confuse the difference between a conflict situation, which is a disagreement and normal part of life, with a bullying situation. Bullying features an imbalance of power, and bullying situations are repeated over time,” said Bell Elementary school counselor Lori Fisher. “We also want to empower our students that they can respectfully stand up for that person being bullied and stand up for our school.”

Student council officers role-played the different steps to being an upstander, and also gave tips on how to handle bullying and conflict. Students who are bullied can tell an adult they trust, such as a teacher, coach, parent, or other relative. Students having a conflict can walk away, explain why a behavior is bothering them, or do something else.  

“It’s important to have this assembly because some people still don’t know how to prevent bullying and some people still get bullied and we want to stop that,” said Bell Elementary student council member Berkley Ingram.

Students also reviewed the district’s anti-bullying rules:
We will not bully others
We will try to help students who are bullied
We will try to include students who are left out
If we know someone is being bullied, we will tell and adult at home and an adult at school

“We’re saying make friends and not bully each other,” said Bell Elementary student council member Eva Hartley.

 “It’s good to not bully because some of the younger kids might not know what bullying is and it’s good when they’re younger to have this assembly so they know not to do it,” said Bell Elementary student council member Audrey Irons.

This week, UPK, K, and 1st grade teachers will read a book related to anti-bullying or kindness to their classes. Students in grades two through five will design mini-posters related to our “All Means All. We All Stand Against Bullying” theme.  

Palmer Elementary will host its assemblies on Wednesday, and Weeks Elementary will do the same on Friday.

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