WCHS Holds 138th Commencement

The 123 members of Windsor Central High School’s Class of 2022 graduated Friday night during the school’s 138th commencement.

As students and their families celebrated the next step in their lives, whether it be college, the workforce, or the military, the interruption COVID caused in their high school careers was never far from their minds, as Class of 2022 President Morgan Raymond addressed in her speech.
“Even though COVID interrupted our high school experience, I hope you all remember the joy of everything going back to normal. Even though we are now celebrating things that we consider ‘normal’, we must remember to celebrate wins where we can get them instead of dreading what we missed out on. We must remember the happiness we felt when we were notified that we didn’t have to wear a mask, could have a post-prom (party) this year, and would be able to have fan sections at sporting events again,” said Raymond.

WCHS Principal Toby Youngs announced that Robert Williams ’61 is the 2022 Knight of Distinction. Williams had a notable career as a teacher, coach, and environmental consultant. You can read more about his induction here.

Class salutatorian Tanis MacNamee gave a speech titled, “What Windsor Means to Me”.

“You may ask why I am so honored to graduate from the Windsor Central School District. The people in the school and community have had great, lasting impacts on my high school experiences and ultimately my life. Growing up at Windsor, I have never not had someone, whether it be another peer or a faculty member, there for any given need,” said MacNamee.

In her speech, “Answers”, class Valedictorian Anna Peret told students to be brave and listen, but also admitted she doesn’t have all of the answers.

“These are some lessons from a seventeen-year-old. I challenge us all to step away from fear and from judgment. Be brave and listen. Accept growth and failure as necessities in your journey,” said Peret.

Mr. Youngs summed up the experiences the members of the Class of 2022 had at WCHS, and the opportunities they now have in front of them.

“You have worked extremely hard to get here.  You have faced and endured a learning environment that no other group of students has had to face in the last 100 years, and you have successfully made it out.  That is something to be proud of.  So remember…dream big, start small, take that first step, and go seize the world like I know you can,” said Mr. Youngs.

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