Feeling the Beat

Music and movement are having a moment at Bell Elementary.

Physical education teacher Mike Karlson is partnering with music teacher Patti Schuster to lead a cardio drum class in PE this week. Students get their heart rates up as they bang their drum sticks against a medicine ball while music fills the gymnasium.

“We’re giving the students some creativity. Adding the aerobics to the beats and the rhythm has been amazing,” said Mr. Karlson.
Are the students enjoying expressing their creativity?

“It’s amazing,” said 1st grader Adelina Kadylak.

“This is one of my best classes because there’s lots of music,” said 1st grader Lola Rodriguez.

There is one downside, though.

“It’s pretty good but I get sweaty a lot,” said 1st grader Zayne Ingram.

Mixing music and physical education has been a natural combination.

“The organization of music lets us know when to switch to the next move,” said Mrs. Schuster.

“I’ve had parents come up to me and say, ‘Tell me about this drum unit. My kids have been loving PE this week,’” said Mr. Karlson.
For good reason.

“What could be more fun than music and PE together?” asked Mrs. Schuster.

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