2nd Graders Say "Gracias" to High Schoolers

Mrs. Andrews 2nd-grade students at Palmer Elementary said, “Feliz Navidad” to high school mentors who have made weekly trips to their class to teach them Spanish. The 2nd-grade students made books and read them to their mentors to show them how much they have learned about colors, numbers and letters.
Young boy in a Santa hat looks down at a book with two high school students and other 2nd grade students looking on 

“I loved it,” said 11th grader Jaylen Bennett.

“It was so cute,” said 12th grader Roman Goodwill.

“It was great,” said 12th grader Sheldon Harden. 

The books the students made featured numbers, colors and nouns. They took turns reading them aloud to the high school students.

“I think we just wanted to show some of the things the high school students taught us. We wanted to show them our learning and to make something for them,” said Jeanine Andrews.
A young girl sits with a book as two high school students sit to her right and other 2nd grade students sit before her 

The high school students have had an impact on learning. Second graders Landon Brown and Delaney Dixon have benefitted from Spanish lessons delivered by high school students the past two years.

“I honestly think it’s pretty easy, just remembering it is hard,” said Brown. 

“I practice a lot at home. I (count) all the way to 20,” said Dixon.

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