Mini Mentor

Showing it's never too early to give back, Palmer Elementary first grader Layla Blodgett returned to Mrs. Bennett's pre-k class at Weeks Elementary to serve as a "mystery reader" for her former teacher. Blodgett read How to Babysit a Grandpa, showing Mrs. Bennett how strong of a reader she has become, and the students how quickly they can improve their reading skills. 
"I said that one year I'd love to have her back as a mystery reader. I didn't know it would be so soon. I'm so amazed at her reading progress," said Mrs. Bennett.
Layla Blodgett holding a book open 
All Windsor CSD elementary schools have welcomed "mystery readers" into their classrooms for PARP, or Pick a Reading Partner. Often they are parents or members of the community. But on this day at weeks it was Layla, who happens to want to become a teacher when she grows up. 
"It was fun. I liked getting to see everything (again)," said Layla, who said that making handprints was her favorite project in pre-k.
"For her to express wanting to be a teacher, then practicing here is inspiring to the children," said Mrs. Bennett.
A group of pre-k students sitting on the floor, looking forward 
Layla's practice may not be done.
"I asked her if she'd like to come back to take on some teacher roles. I feel like she could be my little intern, even at this young age," said Mrs. Bennett. 

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