Odyssey of the Mind Regional Competition March 10

Ten Windsor teams will compete at the Odyssey of the Mind regional competition at Broome-Tioga BOCES on Saturday, March 10th. The link to the competition schedule is here
A.F. Palmer's Triathlon Travels Division I team performs its long-term segment at 11:20am and spontaneous at 2:00pm. The Bell Elementary Emoji, Speak for Yourself Div I team has it's spontaneous performance at 9:20am and long-term performance at 12:20. C.R. Weeks' Classics... Mockumentary! Seriously? Divsion I team has it's long-term performance at 8:20am and spontaneous at 11:40am. Bell Elementary also has a team in Classics... Mockumentary! Seriously? Division I. It has it's long-term performance at 11am and spontaneous at 1:40pm. 
Bell Elementary has a team in the A Stellar Hangout Div IA competition. It's long-term performance is at 10:20 am and spontaneous at 12:20pm. A Weeks Elementary team will compete in the A Stellar Hangout Div IB group. It will perform long-form at 10:20am and spontaneous at 12:40pm. 
The Windsor Central Middle School has a team in Classics... Mockumentary! Seriously? Div Ii. It performs spontaneous at 8:20am and long-term at 10:40am. The Middle School also has a team in A Stellar Hangout Div II with a spontaneous performance at 9:40am and long-term performance at 12:20pm.
Weeks will send a team to compete in the We're Cooking Now Primary group with a long-term performance at 7:40am and spontaneous at 1:00pm. An A.F. Palmer team will also compete in that group with its long-term performance at 9:20am and spontaneous at 2:20pm.
Last year the Windsor Central Middle School Classics team finished second in New York state and advanced to the World Championship at Michigan State University where it finished 18th out of 53 competing teams.  
Students in costume on stage perform in front of three seated judges 

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