Hi, My Name Is.....

Three equals one. It’s an answer that most teachers would mark as wrong. But it’s exactly the lesson teachers in the Windsor Central School District wanted their classes to learn at the third annual Fifth Grade Mixer. 

Fifth graders from Bell, Palmer and Weeks Elementary schools spent the day at Klumpp Park, taking part in fun activities that help them get to know each other better and ease the transition they will all make into Windsor Central Middle school in September.
Five children holding a bar in front of them with a girl standing on the other side 

“It was awesome. They showed us around the Middle School and brought us to the park to have fun and make new friends,” said Bell Elementary student Kaleb Shiner. “I’m not nervous at all about middle school, and today helped.”

“I’m nervous but today helped. It helped get rid of my fear,” said Palmer student Jared Wilber.

That’s the point.

“It’s about making connections, learning new things about others and meeting 70 kids they haven’t met before,” said Weeks Elementary counselor Liz Sharkan.

Current Middle School students ran stations that helped the fifth graders have fun and get to know each other. Games included students in a circle throwing a beach ball. There were different questions written on the ball such as favorite song, movie or TV show that the person who caught the ball needed to answer.
A girl holding a big, colorful ball with three smaller children standing around 

“There are kids I know who made friends here and then sought them out during the first couple of days of middle school,” said Sharkan.

That was the case for 6th grader Aubrey Dixon, who helped run some of the activities during the mixer.

“It was really helpful. A lot of the friends I have now, I met that day,” said Dixon.

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