Weeks Authors Featured in New Book

The good news? There’s a new book coming to the Weeks Elementary library. The better news? Seven stories in the book were written by Weeks students.

Crazy Creatures – Monster Madness from New York is a compilation of what’s called mini sagas, stories of up to 100 words with a beginning, middle and end. The stories are inspired by crazy creatures developed by the students themselves.

Wyatt Sienko’s Rocko The Moon Rock Monster, Victoria Hopkins’ Skins’ Adventure, Ryan Waddell’s Temmy is Getting Mad, Myles Hunter’s Robo Kitty’s Revenge!, Makayla Vanderpool’s The Legend of Spidercorn!, Kameron Dixon’s The Tales of Dafaser and Eli Scales’ Uranus Monsters will all be featured in the book.

“I thought it was awesome because I wasn’t trying to win anything. I just wanted the experience,” said Dixon. 

Young Writers, a publishing company which holds youth literary contests in both the United Kingdom and the United States, received over 6,000 entries for the Crazy Creatures book. The competition allowed the young Weeks authors to tap into their creativity.

“I want to write fiction, comedy. This is my beginning,” said Hunter. His Robo Kitty’s Revenge! is about a robot cat who hates scratch posts so he destroys them all. 

“I don’t really write about me. I write about fictional action stories,” said Sienko.

Young Writers will send a copy of the Crazy Creatures book to both the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and the British Library in the United Kingdom. The company is also holding a poetry contest called Once Upon a Dream, with submissions due February 16. Hopkins, Scales and Waddell say they plan on submitting work. 

Crazy Creatures – Monster Madness from New York is scheduled for publication March 31, 2018.

“My mom has already ordered a copy,” said Hopkins. 
Seven students holding up certificates, standing in front of bookshelves

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