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Miss Haskell’s 2nd-grade class is sharing one of the most important lessons it has learned this year with those far outside of the walls of A.F. Palmer Elementary School.

The class recently recorded a commercial to raise awareness of Huntington’s Disease. The video will air during Binghamton Devils games next season at the Veterans Memorial Arena. Huntington’s is a genetic disorder that causes physical and cognitive disorders. 
A young girl holds up a heart-shaped sign with the word sweet on it 

2nd grader Gabriella Forbidussi’s grandmother, Ann Tripp, has the disease. While those with Huntington’s can move and speak differently than others, Gabriella and her classmates want the world to know that it’s important to treat those with disabilities live everyone else - with kindness and consideration.

“Some people don’t know about it. We are trying to teach people to like people,” said Forbidussi.

Tripp appreciates the work of her granddaughter and her classmates.

“It’s wonderful,” said Tripp. “Sally, her mom, is a real go-getter. She’s the one who got it started.”

“We met with her mom and talked to her about how we can teach people to treat those with a disease like anyone else,” said Miss Haskell. 
A group of young children in a line outside 

Miss Haskell put her class through exercises that made them feel what it was like to have a disability. For example, she had her students walk around blindfolded, forcing them to trust their classmates to guide them. 

It was a valuable experience that made the students appreciate the message they were spreading. It also had another benefit. 

“Working as a team made us more of a family. We want to reach out to other families,” said Miss Haskell.

“The class working together made us better friends,” said Forbidussi.

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