Slimy Side Hustle

For many 6th graders, returning to school means getting back to work. For Brynn Rought, the work has been going on for months.

“She is going non-stop,” said Brynn’s mother, Heather Rought.

That’s because Brynn has created Lokobrynnslimes, a months-old on-line business. She has dived head first, as much as one can, into slime, selling over $400 of her gooey, pliable concoctions.  

“I think it’s interesting. There are a bunch of different materials and textures,” said Brynn.

Brynn sells her slime on line. She has Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook pages (@lokobrynnslimes).

“She has been invited to a couple craft sales, and also has a huge order coming up at the end of the month,” said Heather Rought.

“It takes about two hours to make and decorate a batch. I usually use two gallons of glue so it makes quite a bit,” said Brynn.

Brynn’s Etsy page, which she designed herself, has had 300 visits. And, only a few months into her business career, Brynn seems to have learned the important lesson of finding a niche, and filling it.

“I thought (making slime) was very creative, and not many people do it,” said Brynn.

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